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Micro Fiction (Two Line Tuesdays) – Something Sweet

Annie stared down at the unpaid for lollipop and waited for the obligatory guilt to set in, but it didn't. The world had taken away her mother; it owed her something sweet. © Shyla Fairfax-Owen

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Chrysalis: A Fairy Tale Anthology

I'm so excited to announce that my short story, "Rebecca Kills the Beast," will be included in the upcoming anthology, Chrysalis. Chrysalis is a collection of fairy tales about transformation, overcoming obstacles, and character growth. In "Rebecca Kills the Beast," the daughter of a widowed merchant agrees to be sold to a charming King, only… Continue reading Chrysalis: A Fairy Tale Anthology

Crochet, DIY, Seasonal

Crochet – Mini Pumpkin Patch

Every October, I buy multiple bags of tiny pumpkins from the grocery store to decorate my house. It's gorgeous, but it's also food waste, because by the time November rolls around, they're pretty rotted and molded and they go straight into the compost bin. So, this year, I thought I'd try something new. Crochet pumpkins.… Continue reading Crochet – Mini Pumpkin Patch

Stories and Poems

Micro Fiction (Two Line Tuesdays) – The Truth Keeper

As a boy, he was told his imagination was big and bright and beautiful; but as a teenager, people seemed a lot more troubled by it. As an adult, he learned to keep secrets, deciding that no one else had to know about the tiny little elves and centaurs that lived in his backyard --… Continue reading Micro Fiction (Two Line Tuesdays) – The Truth Keeper