Flash Fiction – Artifice

(470 words) Ellie sits still, engulfed in blackness. She breathes in slowly through her nose and exhales heavily through her lips, until she becomes rather weightless. She’s ready.

Flash Fiction – And Then It Came

It’s 7:07 pm. The house is still. The forest is quiet. But Lucia is about to break a rule.

Micro Fiction – The Big Spill

Joanie watched as the thick, white liquid spread across the table. The shards of glass glistened, peeking through a little.

Publication – The Sirens Call eZine #41

I’ve had the privilege of having a poem and a drabble published in The Sirens Call eZine Issue #41 –┬áHalloween Screams and Other Dark Things, available for free download today!

Flash Fiction – Next of Kin

The door took a long time to be opened. I could hear the click and clank and clunk of each deadbolt on the other side. One by one, they released.


The knife was efficient; serrated on both sides. She liked the way it felt in her hand.