Stories and Poems

A Twisted Fate (A Midnight Falls Tale)

Poe Fernandez thrives on the wrongness of Midnight Falls. He likes to think of himself as a wrong person, who took the right wrong turn, and found a wrong place to which he can finally belong. Midnight Falls will be a perfectly fine place to die. That matters to Poe because, at 31, he knows… Continue reading A Twisted Fate (A Midnight Falls Tale)

Stories and Poems

Beyond the Vale (A Midnight Falls Tale)

As far as Bronte Hallows is concerned, Midnight Falls is her purgatory. Though she's never lived anywhere else, she has to believe that other places are better. She also believes she will never see them. Not a one. She is wrong. Bronte is on her afternoon jog, the second of her regular three a day.… Continue reading Beyond the Vale (A Midnight Falls Tale)

Reviews and Essays

Book Review – Heartless (Marissa Meyer)

Following her Lunar Chronicles series, Marissa Meyer released Heartless, an origin tale for The Queen of Hearts from the Alice in Wonderland world. It currently holds a 4.06 on Goodreads. This is a review of the audiobook, performed by Rebecca Soler.