Welcome to Words & Stitches. This is a space that celebrates creativity; a space to have fun and share my passions.

A Little About Me: The Stitch and Story Addict

I am a self-proclaimed stitch and story addict. I have a lifetime’s-worth of chaotic scribbles; from poems to flash fiction, to the dreaded collection of unfinished novels. This obsessive love of storytelling led me down a 10-year-long road of studying filmmaking, film theory and writing.

But alas, I became eager to try something a little more “hands-on.” And then there was yarn; and then there was knitting; and finally, there was crochet.

So, this site will be my creative outlet. Undoubtedly, it will also double as a storage space for my restless, frenzied art.

For some of my earlier flash fiction work, check out Beyond the Threshold.


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