Book Tag – The Christmas Stocking

Books! And Christmas stocking stuffers

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Haiku – Snowflake

You are a snowflake
Jagged edges, crystalline
Furtive in my grip.

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Poem – Too Sweet

Smile, sucralose sweet; Assaultingly artificial. Eyes, whispering half truths in the dark. Mouth, filled to the brim; Spilling over with things said and not said. Glare as sharp as knives. Tongue spoiling into venom. Behind that smile, A sugary death awaits.

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Crochet: Jack Skellingtons

The Nightmare Before Christmas may have some excellent Halloween-vibes, but to me, it’s first and foremost a Christmas movie. Call me neurotic, but I won’t watch it in October. Come November, though, it’s the perfect way to transition. I think of it as a farewell to the Halloween season, and a welcoming of the next […]

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