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Recipe – Easy Autumn Caramel Coffee

Apart from pumpkin, the most Autumn flavour I can think of is caramel. While I will consume caramel any time of year, it does suddenly feel more special (or appropriate) once the leaves start to fall. This recipe is a hack for the perfect caramel coffee, made right at home.



Here goes.

Drop a caramel in 🙂

Seriously, just take one of those soft, chewy cubes of caramel that are EVERYWHERE this time of year (see pic above). Squish it a little to flatten it out, place it in the bottom of your mug, and pour coffee over it. Give it a minute to start to melt, then stir vigourously until full dissolved.

It’s delicious.

Add milk if you’d like, but I recommend tasting it before adding any additional sugar.

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