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31 Days of Spooktober Reads & Eats – Day 19

Day 19 – Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

A classic Gothic tale, well known for its 1940 Hitchcock adaptation. While I would call this a bit of an eerie read, I’ve heard of other people finding it downright bone-chilling. The story is told from the perspective of an unnamed narrator, a young woman who falls desperately in love with a much older man, who almost too promptly marries her and whisks her away to his strange and isolated manor, Manderly. There, she comes to learn that the presence of her husband’s first wife, the late Rebecca, still seems to have a hold on Manderly, and everyone in it. Best of all, a costume party marks a major turning point in the book. Side note: turns out cultural appropriation has always been a go-to costume choice.

Recipe: Pumpkin Doughnuts because they are classy enough for a Manderly costume party

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