Haiku – Weeping Willow


Weeping Willow, cry!

No more. The wolves will keep you…

In good company.

© Shyla Fairfax-Owen

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  1. I feel like it takes a certain talent to be able to make such good haikus. I know I cant do it! I love your poems about nature. I really need to catch up on your writing!


    1. Aw, thanks for the kind compliments. I try! I certainly enjoy writing Haikus though

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      1. I never really got into them myself but I like reading them. Takes talent to be able to convey such feeling in so few words x.x Its amazing


        1. Thanks. You should give it a go. They can be really fun once u find your style, but that takes some playing around.

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          1. I might just do that. I’ve done a few but maybe its time to give it another go. I also know Japanese so maybe I should challenge myself and do it in Japanese haha

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          2. Haha yeah
            Or maybe there’s a way to incorporate Japanese word structure into your English Haikus. Who knows?! Endless possibilities


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