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Flash Fiction – Wreckage

To them, she was just a monster. A girl who refused to take her yellow pills -- as if she owed society her complacency after the shit hand it had dealt her.  

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Book Review – We Have Always Lived in the Castle (Shirley Jackson)

Their tongues will burn, I thought, as though they had eaten fire. Their throats will burn when the words come out and in their bellies they will feel a torment hotter than a thousand fires.

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Critical Analysis – Briar Rose / Sleeping Beauty

As part of my Grimm Project, I have been slowly going through the original Grimm's tales and writing my own re-imaginings. The motivation behind this is not only that I love a haunting fairy tale, but that I want to consider the added layer of darkness inherent to these stories because of tropes and conceits… Continue reading Critical Analysis – Briar Rose / Sleeping Beauty