Flash Fiction – Next of Kin

The door took a long time to be opened. I could hear the click and clank and clunk of each deadbolt on the other side. One by one, they released.


The knife was efficient; serrated on both sides. She liked the way it felt in her hand.

Partners in Death

Don’t worry. I’m a Hunter. A Protector. I know what I’m doing.

Out of the Darkness

The doctor’s soft voice tried to reach her, but she found it impossible to draw her attention completely away from the tree.

The Last Two Hours

They avoid looking at us, the lines of people being forced out of our homes. Being sent away as the result of a cowardice bill that masquerades as environmental policy.

Rebecca Kills the Beast

It was a cold night. Much colder than Rebecca had anticipated when she begged her father to take them on this futile adventure.