Recipe – Samosa-Style Wraps

I'm always trying to think up recipes that can be made in bulk and frozen, because as much as I enjoy cooking, during the week, it's much more of a chore than a past-time. If I can spend a Sunday afternoon cooking in bulk and freezing food for the upcoming week, I feel like I'm… Continue reading Recipe – Samosa-Style Wraps

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Chrysalis: A Fairy Tale Anthology

I'm so excited to announce that my short story, "Rebecca Kills the Beast," will be included in the upcoming anthology, Chrysalis. Chrysalis is a collection of fairy tales about transformation, overcoming obstacles, and character growth. In "Rebecca Kills the Beast," the daughter of a widowed merchant agrees to be sold to a charming King, only… Continue reading Chrysalis: A Fairy Tale Anthology

Stories and Poems

Micro Fiction (Two Line Tuesdays) – The Truth Keeper

As a boy, he was told his imagination was big and bright and beautiful; but as a teenager, people seemed a lot more troubled by it. As an adult, he learned to keep secrets, deciding that no one else had to know about the tiny little elves and centaurs that lived in his backyard --… Continue reading Micro Fiction (Two Line Tuesdays) – The Truth Keeper

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Christmas Cookies and Book Pairings – Day 7

Day 7 - Stockings and Spells by Nancy Warren Here it is, my final pick. I chose today's book based on the fact that it's the most enjoyable book I read this year that was set entirely throughout the holiday season. It's the 4th instalment of the Vampire Knitting Club cozy mystery series, and it's… Continue reading Christmas Cookies and Book Pairings – Day 7