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Christmas Cookies and Book Pairings – Day 5

Day 5 – Harbour by John A Lindqvist

HarborOld Fashioned Sugar Cookies

There are so many good horror books set in the wintertime, but oddly enough, many of them are still on my TBR list (get on it Santa!). That said, when I think of cold horror books, Lindqvist always comes to mind. This one takes place on an isolated island, surrounded by icy waters. Two years after losing his daughter to what had begun as a beautiful winter’s day, Anders, a broken man, returns to where it all happened: his childhood home. Armed with lots of booze and bad memories, he’s expecting to have to reach out to his ghosts; what he isn’t expecting is for them to reach back.

Recipe: Old Fashioned Christmas Cookies, for nostalgia’s sake, even when it hurts.

Check back tomorrow for another Holiday Pairing!

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