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31 Days of Spooktober Reads & Eats – Day 13 & 14

Day 13 – Agony House by Cherie Priest

For lovers of the haunted house trope, looking for a refreshing approach to the campfire story. Years after being forced from their home following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Denise’s mom has brought them back to New Orleans, having sunk all their money into a fixer upper that she dreams of turning into a successful B&B. Trouble is, spiderwebs and rusty nails are hardly the trouble at all. Denise is a bit more concerned about the voices in the attic… A vengeful ghost tale with themes of gentrification, race and feminism. Very topical!

Recipe: Spiderweb doughnuts because wouldn’t it be nice if that was all Denise’s attic was harbouring?

Day 14 – The Witch’s Daughter

If historical fiction is where you tend to land, this one might be worth considering. When Bess’s quiet life is interrupted by a teen girl’s abrupt appearance, Bess tries her best to push her away. But there’s a draw between them, and Bess finds herself longing to instruct Tegan in her craft; witchcraft, that is. Now, opening Tegan up to magic means opening herself up to memories that she’s been shutting out for so long. Especially those of a man named Gideon; a man she’s been running from for centuries.

Recipe: The Black Widow Smash because, sometimes, revisiting the darkest times in your life pairs well with tequila.

Check back each day this month for one more pick!

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