Coffee Review – Allegro Light Roast

Hi all – this is Entry 3 of my 3-Part Allegro Coffee Review series (see entry 1 and entry 2).

Coffee #3: Allegro Light Roast: Costa Rica Las Lomas

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 10.14.19 AM

This is another organic Whole Foods coffee, light roast (learn more and shop online here). I chose it because, according to its label, it should have a honey, cocoa and orange mandarin flavour.

Tasting Notes

I find this really smooth for a light roast. Lights usually taste a little sharp and bitter to me, but this one was really easy and mild in taste. I didn’t get any of the tasting notes when the coffee was black, which makes it a great base for making your coffee taste however you prefer it. Not a bad thing, at all.

Adding milk and honey gave it a sweet, nutty texture. I’d even describe it as having a buttery mouth-feel. The citrusy note of the orange mandarin is present, but mild. I’d say it’s overwhelmed by the nutty taste.

I give this blend a 5/5 for its versatility and smoothness.


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