Coffee Review: Allegro Medium Roast

Hi all – this is Entry 2 of my 3-Part Allegro Coffee Review series (see entry 1 here).

Coffee #2: Allegro Medium Roast – Mocha Java

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 10.21.15 AM

This is another organic Whole Foods coffee, made of medium roast beans (learn more and shop online here). I chose it because I was looking for a richer flavour than you get with light roast, but more caffeine than a dark roast. According to its label, it should have a Berry, Chocolate, Warming spice flavour.

Tasting Notes

I started off with this coffee black to see what I could pick up – charred cocoa beans – in a good way. I’m the kind of person who enjoys the taste of char in some things. For example, I always char my turkey bacon (even if it means pre-emptively removing the smoke detector). That said, not a fan of burnt toast. This coffee towed that line pretty nicely for me.

I didn’t pick up much of the berry taste until I added milk and sugar, but even then, I’d say it was a hint of dark berry, overpowered by cocoa. I’m not sure what I should have expected from “warming spice,” but whatever it was, was lost on me.

And as you might imagine, adding milk and sugar made it taste a bit like a very strong hot cocoa, which I thought was nice.

I give this blend a 4/5, either black or with hot cocoa fixings 🙂


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