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The Great December Story Debate

November has come and gone and I feel incredibly accomplished, having completed my NaNoWrimo novel. It’s also the first time I’ve ever finished any novel, at all! 🙂 With December creeping in, I told myself this would be the month of editing. I finished a couple days early and my story came in at 50,101 words, and even though there’s a lot I love about it, it needs some work. The revision phase won’t be without some hair pulling, I’m sure. And that’s fine – or, at least it was, until December 1st when, without warning, a new story idea exploded inside of my head.


I’m trying to be logical and focus on my editing, but I can’t. I’m overwhelmed by excitement for this new creative idea. The story beats keep forming and getting stuck in my head like an ear-worm. Hence the Great Debate – buckle down and keep at my editing, or accept that this new story is begging to be written, and write it. After all, the completed story will still be completed six months down the road or whenever I decide to return to it. Maybe after stepping away, the revision will become an exciting task again. Maybe I’ll even end up with a stronger piece than I would if I rush through it now, knowing full well my heart’s not in it at the moment. Or, is that my Restless Stories Syndrome (RSS) showing its ugly head, once again? Isn’t this why I never finish a novel – final draft and all?



So, the debate continues. In the meantime, I’ve started plotting out this new idea in a Scrivener document to avoid losing any of it if I do decide to put it on the back burner.

Writers, do you ever suffer from RSS? If so, how do you fight it, and do you ever win?


2 thoughts on “The Great December Story Debate”

  1. I was going to recommend plotting out the new story so you won’t lose it, but I read that you’re already doing that, which is important. Here’s my two cents… :-)… don’t rush the current project as that may compromise the quality of your finished book, and quality is essential. It’s okay to put it aside for a while, and often that’s considered a good idea. Just make sure you get back to it at some point! 🙂 Above all, have fun. 🙂

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