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Yarn Review: The Petite Wool (WAK)

Yarn is my Kryptonite. When I walk into a store that sells yarn, I’m instantly weakened, dragged to the source, no matter how hard I resist. Though, if I’m being totally honest – I usually don’t resist all that much 🙂

Early in the summer I finally made the leap and bought cotton yarn from We Are Knitters (WAK). I had been holding off because it was a little pricier than my usual brands – but it was calling to me. I had reached out to WAK and asked about their practices (I try to only buy from brands that source and manufacture responsibly), and was happy with their responses. So, I went for it and was blown away by the quality.

So, as autumn took over, I couldn’t fight the urge to try their wool. I went with their Petite Wool.

About the Petite Wool

Here are some general details worth noting:

  • The Petite Wool is 100% Petite Peruvian Wool (responsibly sourced and manufactured)
  • It’s considered a worsted weight, although it’s a bit bulkier than your typical acrylic weight 4
  • The recommended knitting needle size is 8mm
  • There is no recommendation for crochet hook size, so I used a 6mm and found it quite comfortable
  • One skein is 100 grams and 140 m / 153 yds

What I Made

I purchased 5 skeins and was able to make 2 projects:

A Pair of Slipper Socks

A Shawl

My Review

I was surprised by how much I was able to get out of my yarn – so that was a really big plus. I also REALLY enjoyed the process.

When I switched from knitting to crocheting, I immediately realized that crocheting was a much more tactile experience than knitting was. With knitting, you’re mostly working with the needles; but with crochet, you have one hook and your other hand is working the yarn itself. So high quality yarn became much more important to me. I love the feeling of the yarn in my hand, and quality makes a big difference in the experience.

This wool was LOVELY to physically work with. It was smooth and soft (not scratchy like some wool is). And it didn’t fray too much. I’ve noticed with other wools that the more I work it, the fuzzier and less attractive it becomes. That wasn’t the case here. The stitches came out beautifully and the texture/aesthetic has held up.

The final products are warm and comfortable. I can’t wait to work with it again! It will be my new winter go-to.

I give this yarn a 5/5

Try it Out

You can find The Petite Wool on Wak’s website. Currently, packs of 10 skeins are on sale for $120 (CA), as opposed to the usual $150 (CA).


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