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Better Slipper Socks!

A while back I shared a crochet pattern for beginner level slipper socks. They work up quick and they are easy to do, which is great.

slipper-socks begginner

But these are better!

Slipper sock side view

I found this crochet video tutorial by B.Hooked, and it’s really easy to follow along with. Feel free to check it out 🙂

For mine, I used the Petite Wool by We Are Knitters (WAK), which is my favourite yarn brand.

Slipper socks chair view

The products are really great quality and it’s an ethical brand. For more about WAK, see my post, Responsibly Sourced Yarn.

I also used a size 6 mm hook, rather than the 6.5 mm hook used in the tutorial. Between the smaller yarn and smaller hook, my slipper socks fit my size 6 feet perfectly.

Skill level: Intermediate (but the video will walk you through everything you need to know)

Duration: ~3 hours

Happy yarning!

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