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Crochet Pattern: Petite Wool Shawl

It’s autumn and it’s cooling off quickly where I am. So, I decided I was overdue for a cozy wool shawl. This is a pattern I designed to be warm, easy, and versatile.

Skill level: Easy

Duration: ~6 hours

Knowledge Required & Abbreviations Used (US terms):

  • Chain (ch)
  • Double Crochet (dc)
  • V Stitch (v st)
  • Stitch (st)

The tools you will need for this project are as follows (US terms):

  • ~3.5-4 skeins of The Petite Wool from WAK or another bulky weight wool
  • 6 mm hook (or appropriate size for your yarn)
  • Scissors
  • Darning needle
  • 4 Buttons


  • Asterisks (*) indicate a section of the pattern that will be repeated within the row
  • Square brackets ([]) indicate a section that I have additional notes for; notes will follow in regular brackets
  • Hyphens (-) indicate multiple actions happening in the same stitch or space

Let’s get started!

To begin: Ch 50

Row 1: In third ch from hook, *[v st] (a v st is dc-ch1-dc), sk 2*, repeat to end of row, ch3, turn

Row 2: *V st in each v st*, repeat to end of row [including the turning ch] (By placing a v st in the turning ch at the end of each row, you will increase both the width and length as you add rows), ch 3, turn

Row 3-38: Repeat Row 2, [swap colours as you desire] (I swapped at the end of each skein)

Final Touches: Add 4 buttons along the edge (see image below):

Shawl completed
Completed Shawl

To wear: Drape however you please, and use the buttons to tack it in place 🙂

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