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Book Tag: Creatures of the Night

Hi all! I saw this tag on Another Book in the Wall and needed in! If you can’t tell yet, I’m all about Halloween.


Let the Right One In book cover

Eli – I love how complex this vampire is, and I was so intrigued by the dynamic between both Eli and Oskar, and Eli and Håkan.


Bitten book

Elena Michaels – The only woman to survive the “change”… that’s a decent origin story. Though, I am not actually a fan of her character arc. Read my review of book #2 here.


iZombie vol 1

Gwen – This is a fun concept for a protagonist, but I must admit that I prefer the TV adaptation (Liv).


Agony House

Hmmm… This is a brand new release, so, to minimize spoilers, I’ll just say there is one ghost featured in this story that I really enjoyed. Read my review here.


Harry Potter book 4

Hermione, specifically in Book 4 – The way she fought for house-elves meant a lot to me and I was really displeased that it was not included in the movie.


Omens Armstrong

Gabriel – Being the reincarnation of Gwynn ap Nudd, King of the Faeries, is just one of the many things that make Gabriel’s character both complex, and convoluted. He might be the only character I’m still intrigued with by book 4.


Stolen book

Adam – I recently read Stolen and it might be the only book I’ve read with a Demon. That I can remember, anyways. Adam is technically a half-demon, and although I don’t find him particularly intriguing, it’s pretty cool that his eyes turn to fire though. Read my review of Stolen here (spoiler alert – I did NOT like it).


Angels of Destruction

Norah – Similar to Eli in Let the Right One In, Norah is intriguing because she presents as a child, but has the mind of something much older and greater. “Seeing” how she interacts with people of all ages is captivating.


Lilith's Brood

The Oankali – In Book 1, I enjoyed learning about the Oankali through Nikanj’s perspective. In books 2 and 3, I missed that initial juxtaposition of Lilith (human woman) and Nikanj (alien third-gender), though it was kind of interesting to follow the coming-of-age stories of Lilith’s part-Oankali children.

Superpowered Human

Buffy vol 1

Buffy – I get a real kick out of following the post-TV adventures of Buffy, the Scoobies, and the other Slayers in Whedon’s continuing comic book series.

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