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Narrative Poem – The Tale of the Tail

The Rain had begun on the first day of her Reign. It only worsened the Night her Knight returned empty-handed; no captured princess in sight.

“Where is my wretched stepdaughter? I have a Right to know why you have failed your Rite of passage into my guard. And remember, I have a keen Eye for liars,” she hissed.

The knight looked out upon the Rows of viewers before handing the queen a single Rose.

“I See no easy way to say this, but I’m afraid I have lost the princess to the Sea. I have only this special gift to offer. It is a flower Which was given to me by a Witch. I’m told each petal provides one wish.”

She breathed in its bittersweet scent and Knew immediately it would bring to her a New beginning.

And with the princess buried in the deep Blue sea, she Blew a wicked sigh of relief.

The next morning, Donning a cloak of silk and diamonds, the queen addressed the people, “Today is the Dawning of a new era!”

Carefully, she tore off the first petal.

“Anyone who Would speak against me, is to be turned to Wood.” With a devious laugh, she let the petal fall.

Just as it began to Seem as though she might burst a Seam, so full of spite, all turned suddenly dark as fright.

The doors Flew open with such force, the queen felt knocked down as if by the Flu.

But it was no illness; it was magic and deceit – for there in the Hall stood the princess, a trickster witch in Haul.

“Here’s a Tale you have had yet to hear,” the princess cried. “Anyone who might pluck a petal from that rose, will at once grow a Tail.”

And so it happened; the queen gave a whimper and a Groan when she saw the new bit she had Grown.

The princess moved forward and continued to speak. “And that’s not all my Dear people, by nightfall she will be nothing but a Deer. And a deer, I believe, is not a suitable queen.”

The people cheered, for the Tale of the Tail had ended the Rain.

© Shyla Fairfax-Owen

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