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Book Review: Unnatural, Vol. 1 (Mirka Andolfo)



This is the first volume of the Unnatural series, written, drawn and coloured by Italian artist Mirka Andolfo. It currently holds a 4.04 on Goodreads.

Leslie J. Blair is a simple pig girl. She loves sushi, and she hates her job. Her world is dominated by a totalitarian government that interferes in the personal lives of its citizens, punishing transgressors for so-called “unnatural” relationships. Leslie dreams of something different for herself, but these dreams are becoming dangerous. And, when she wakes up, she thinks she’s being watched…

WARNING: This book contains nudity and sexual content

My Thoughts

Wow! This immediately stole my heart. I received a random Amazon recommendation for Unnatural issue #7. Not knowing what it was, I looked into issue 1 and was completely taken by the description. I bought Volume 1 on the spot, opened it up, and barely blinked until it was over.

We meet Leslie, a Pig Girl who lives in a world of animal hybrids that is obsessed with “naturalness” and breeding. Inter-species relationships are illegal, as are same-sex relationships, because neither allow you to reproduce. On trend with pushing the breeding agenda, unmarried citizens are forcibly enrolled in the Reproduction Program on their 25th birthdays, at which point, the government will attempt to arrange a “suitable” match for you. If you refuse a match, you’ll spend your life paying a Singles tax that will make it incredibly difficult for you to get by. The story begins on Leslie’s 25th birthday. She’s single, and isn’t sure she wants it any other way… not that she has a choice. Between the Reproduction Program, and the mysterious erotic dreams of forbidden love, Leslie is starting to feel like she’s losing her mind. But she’ll have to find a way to pull it together, now that she’s a suspect in a murder.

The world building is great. Andolfo leaves some of it up to the art, drawing billboards and ads in the background that give you a strong sense of what it’s like to live in this world under a Totalitarian government. I thought that was a clever touch. I also appreciate the vibrancy of the characters, and love that they all have their own personalities, desires, and goals that help to drive the narrative. I’m also so impressed that the writing and artwork are both done by Andolfo alone, and I’m very excited to read Volume 2!

My Rating

I give this book a 5/5. Strong world building, great pace and fabulous art. Cherry on top, the premise is really thought-provoking! I’m all in 🙂

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