Bookish DIY Project – Book Quotes Decor


I’ve been thinking lately that I want to be surrounded by bookish things. I can’t help but feel like it would just be really nice to feel my love of books filling up my space. Book quotes immediately came to mind, but book quote decor can get pricey. Beautiful quotes in beautiful fonts, framed on the wall… places like Chapters can charge quite a bit for that. But it’s also a super easy DIY project. So, I took it on.

I headed to Michaels and bought a 12×12 pad of thick patterned paper. I also bought an alphabet stencil there. Next, I went to a dollar store and found 12×12 picture frames. At home, I dug out my gold Sharpie and got to work.

It’s time consuming, but it’s fun, and I love the end result! I’m averaging about $4.50 a quote this way, when unframed quotes easily go for $20+ from Chapters or Etsy. Best of all, I can completely customize them.

My first two have been “Stories are wild creatures” (A Monster Calls) and “All of our stories begin the exact same way” (Saga, Volume 1).

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