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Crochet Pattern: Pumpkin Hat

Hi all, Happy Almost-Halloween!

Today, I thought I’d share the pattern I used to create this pumpkin hat. The pattern is by Sewerella (see video tutorial here) and it makes an excellent slouchy hat.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Duration: ~6 hours

To make mine look like a pumpkin, I did the following:

  • Created the band using green yarn by Red Heart Soft
  • Created the body (puff stitches) using “tangerine” orange yarn by Red Heart Soft
  • Added a pom-pom (to act as a stem) using brown yarn by Red Heart Soft (see easy pom-pom tutorial here)
Pumpkin Patch Hat
Crochet Pumpkin hat

Looking for more Halloween-themed crochet?

Check out my patterns for Autumn-Fever Slipper Socks, Drapey Skull Decor, and Candy Corn Pinwheel Decor!

Happy Halloweening!

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