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Word of the Day Prompt: Sibilate

The Challenge:

Using any dictionary website’s word of the day as a prompt, write a story that is 100 words or less.

September 24, 2018: Sibilate [sib-uh-leyt] – To utter or pronounce with a hissing sound (


I settle into the soggy grass beneath me; above her. It’s the eighth time I’ve visited her grave. It will be the last. Carefully, I open the book to the page she’d left marked for me. My heart quickens.

I begin chanting words unfamiliar to my ears and tongue. The strangeness quickly fades. My stomach expands and deflates. Voice booming. Blood rushing.

I sibilate the final words, as if they have always been inside of me, waiting to slither out.

“Rise! Rise! Rise!”

The ground beneath me grumbles; groans. Out tears a hand; one I know better than my own.

Word Count: 100

© Shyla Fairfax-Owen

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