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Word of the Day Prompt: Chiliad

The Challenge:

Using any dictionary website’s word of the day as a prompt, write a story that is 100 words or less.

September 17, 2018: Chiliad (


“What was that?” Beth whispered into the hollow dark. She knew Alice was there, but she couldn’t see her.

As if in a faraway tunnel, Alice replied, “what was what?”

Alice’s voice was followed by a subtle but clear crunching noise. That time, she heard it – the distinct sound of an intruder.

She leapt from her bed and reached out blindly until she caught Beth’s hand. Hearts pounding, they tip-toed across their room. When they got to the other side, Alice bravely hit the light switch. The room brightened just in time to see a chiliad of cockroaches scurry away.

Word Count: 100

© Shyla Fairfax-Owen


If you decide to take the word of the day challenge, please link back to me so I can see what you come up with 🙂

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