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31 Days of Spooktober Reads & Eats: Day 11

Day 11 – Soulless by Gail Carriger


If being scared isn’t your thing, but you do enjoy a supernatural romp every now and again, this is a great pick for you. This book reimagines Victorian England as if supernatural beings existed and were “out,” as it were, making the already complex social class system even more difficult to navigate. Our protagonist, Alexia, is a young spinster who has a secret gift of her own — she’s soulless. With just a simple touch, she can neutralize the powers of any werewolf or vampire. Social etiquette be damned, when she stumbles into a supernatural mystery, there’s not a thing anyone (or any wereworlf) can do to stop her from investigating, wits and all. The humour is so well done, I sometimes felt like I was reading a strange precursor to the Slayer in the Buffyverse.

Recipe: Silhouette Cookies because they’re pretty classy, but still fun — much like Alexia herself

Check back each day this month for one more pick!

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