Haiku – Break Through

Slips right through the cracks.

No one notices, or cares.

Transcends the mundane.

This haiku was inspired by Neil Gaiman’s, Neverwhere.

Shyla Fairfax-Owen

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  1. I really like the layout of your site. The pictures next to the haikus look great and give it this fantastical feel.

    I feel like I can particular identify with this haiku. I’m always slipping off into my own world and even my friends don’t particularly notice or care. I’m always living my own fiction…

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    1. I know that feeling well. The anthem of the introvert creative, right? Have you read Gaiman’s Neverwhere? If you connect with those sentiments, you may really enjoy the book.

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      1. I have a friend that loves Gaimen. I haven’t read that particular one but I’ll check it out now! Thanks.

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        1. Enjoy! Let me know what you think

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