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Reading Round Up – 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, I decided to look back at my whole year of books, rather than my usual monthly round up. Browsing my Goodreads and Audible libraries was a little overwhelming, a little surprising, and lots of fun.

Books Read in 2018

This year, I read 18 physical books and ebooks…

… And I also listened to 15 audiobooks.

My 2018 Books to Remember

Most Memorable Book: Little Star

Little Star

This book left chills crawling up my spine! I was incredibly unsettled in the aftermath.

Most Refreshing Book: Wild Seed

Wild Seed

This book was such an unusual perspective on immortality, intrinsically linked to race and gender relations. I certainly wouldn’t call the book perfect, or Butler’s best work, but I really enjoyed not knowing what to expect, page after page.

Most Fun to Read Book: Halloween Party!

Halloween Party book

I still get a good chuckle when I think of this book. So bad it’s good is a real thing, and I’m into it.

Most Slugged Through Book: Betrayals


I DNF’d a few books this year, but Betrayals was one I managed to take to the finish line. I found it to be a boring and sloppy fourth instalment of Armstrong’s Cainsville series.

Most Disappointing Book: Stolen

Stolen book

Ugh. I can’t. I just can’t.

My 2018 Authors

Most Read: Kelley Armstrong (5)

I have a love/hate relationship with Armstrong. I find her work so easy to read and her stories are easy to get lost in and plough through, even when the characters aren’t very satisfying. I’m not usually routing for anyone in the books, which is… weird.

Best New Find: Cherie Priest (2)

Love her! Great intrigue and pacing to keep me guessing. Great characters. I hear she does some steampunk too, a genre I haven’t yet explored. I will, though.

Least Interesting Find: Melissa Albert (1)

The Hazel Wood

I loved the first half of this book and was so curious where it was going. Then it went there, and I was less intrigued. I feel like there was a missed opportunity here, but I can’t pinpoint what it was.

Exciting Rediscovery: Margaret Atwood (2)

I hadn’t read much Atwood, and what I did read was all in university. I’m now feeling like I’ve been missing out!

Disappointing Rediscovery: Bentley Little (1 – DNF)

The House

I went through a confusing Little phase in my early 20s. I read a few in a row, trying to decide if they were good or not. I didn’t get very far into my most recent attempt before deciding he’s officially not for me.

The Takeaways

I really branched out this year. I did fewer dystopia than usual, and instead found time to revisit books from my childhood, and to check out the mystery/thriller genre. I did read fewer comic books than usual, which is okay, but I do miss them. Hoping to make more time for them in 2019.

Book-Related 2019 Goals

Reorganize Physical and Digital Shelves!

My Goodreads is a mess; I want to clean it up and maintain it better so that next year, I can get more valuable data from it. As for my physical shelf… I’m still stressing over what my next organization system should be. Leaning towards most read authors to least read.

Continue Branching Out

There are so many genres I haven’t fully explored yet. I’d like to continue expanding into the Contemporary, Historical and Thriller arenas.

Get Through Some of my To-Read Shelf!

My To-Read shelf currently has 164 books on it – that’s not going to happen in one year. But, it would be nice to knock down 10 of them. Here’s a few I’m looking forward to:


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