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Word of the Day Prompt: Tergiversation

The Challenge:

Using any dictionary website’s word of the day as a prompt, write a story that is 100 words or less.

October 15, 2018: Tergiversation [ter-jiv-er-say-shun] – Desertion of a cause, position, party or faith (Merriam-Webster).


Alice is leaving tonight. She has made up her mind. She packed her bags in secret and said silent but heartfelt goodbyes. She’s sure she’s made the right choice. She did not ask permission – her mind, her body, her rules. Alice is leaving tonight.

But Alice doesn’t know that tergiversation is a crime punishable by death. And Alice doesn’t know that Ms. Sally is watching from the eye – a secret tower that lets her see all. And as Alice climbs bravely over the fence, she doesn’t know that Ms. Sally has already set loose the dogs.

“Goodbye Alice. Good luck.”

Word Count: 100

© Shyla Fairfax-Owen

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