Crochet Pattern: Bear Applique

I recently discovered the magic of crochet appliques. Today, I’m going to share a pattern I created for a really cute bear applique. It would be great for sewing onto a child’s sweater or blanket.

Bear Applique
Bear Applique


Skill Level: Easy

Duration: ~45 mins

Knowledge Required (US terms):

  • Crochet in the roound
  • Chain stitch
  • Double crochet stitch
  • Single corchet stitch
  • Half-Double crochet stitch
  • Slip stitch

The tools you will need for this project are as follows (US terms):

  • Less than 50 yards of worsted weight yarn (brown, white and black)
  • 3.5 mm hook
  • Scissors
  • Darning needle
  • Stitch marker (this can even be scrap yarn, a bobby pin or a paper clip)

The pattern will use the following abbreviations:

  • Ch(s) (Chain stitch(es))
  • St(s) (Stitch(es))
  • SC (Single crochet stitch)
  • DC (Double crochet stitch )
  • HDC (Half-Double crochet stitch)
  • Sl (Slip stitch)

Tip: hyphens represent multiple actions in one st

Tip: You can scroll over any pictures to see a short descriptive caption for each action

This tutorial is worked in two parts, 1) The Head; and 2) The Eyes

Let’s get started!

To Make the Bear Head:

Round 1: Ch 4, Sl into 4th Ch from the hook

Round 2: Ch 3 (counts as DC), DC 11 into centre for a total of 12, Sl closed into top of Ch3

bear 12 dc
DC 12

Round 3: Ch 3 (counts as DC), DC 2 into each of the 12 sts for a total of 24, Sl closed into top of Ch3

bear dc 24
DC 24

Round 4: Ch3 (counts as DC), *DC 1 in st, DC 2 in next st* Repeat * pattern all the way around for a total of 36 sts, Sl closed

bear dc 36
DC 36

Now we will be adding ears

Round 5: Ch 1, sc 4

bear ear sc 4
SC 4

In the next st we are making an ear: sc 1 – hdc 1 – dc 1 – hdc 1 – sc 1 (this all happens in one st)

bear ear
Create the ear in one st

Now, we want our ears to be symmetrical. So, from the top count 5 sts to the right and place a stitch marker. This is where we will create our second ear.

bear stitch marker
Add stitch marker

Sc around until you get to the stitch marker

bear sc to st marker
SC to st marker

Create the second ear using same ear pattern: sc 1 – hdc 1 – dc 1 – hdc 1 – sc 1

bear ear 2
Ear 2

Sc back to top and sl closed, cut yarn and tie off

bear head done
Complete head shape

The shape of your bear’s head is now complete. You can sew in your ends and move on to the eyes 🙂

To Make the Eyes

Round 1: Using white, just as we did for the head, Ch 4, sl closed

Round 2: Ch 1, sc 6

eye sc 6
SC 6

Round 3: Ch 1, sc 2 in each of the 6 sts for a total of 12, sl closed

eye sc 12
SC 12

Now we will do the pupils

Cut a strand of black yarn about 4 in long and tie a knot at one end

eye thread
Approximate length of black yarn

Use your darning needle to thread the yarn through the centre of the eye

eye insert black
Thread the yarn through the centre of the eye

Thread the needle up and back through to create a “v” through the centre of the eye

Cut yarn, tie off, and make another  one.

Once you have your head and two eyes, use your darning needle to sew the eyes in place. That’s it! You can now sew your applique onto any project.

Bear Applique
Bear Applique

Thanks for checking out this picture tutorial. As always, feel free to leave any questions in the comments. And check back soon for more critters!

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